Dry Cleaning Chemicals

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Dry Cleaning Solvents

Solvay Perchloroethylene

  • p3 Pure Power Perchloroethylene Container 23 kg
  • p3 Pure Power Perchloroethylene Container 330kg
  • 1 Perstabil Container 32kg


  • 1 Drum 179 kg

Filter Aids

  • Black activated carbon
  • Pellet & powder form
  • Celite Hyflo

Coarse Salt

  • 1 x 50 bags

Condrou Range Prespotting & Spotting Chemicals for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Use

  • Ink remover – Ink stain remover
  • POG spotter – Paint, oil and grease spotter
  • Erusticator – Acidic rust stain remover
  • Protecal – Protein & blood stain remover
  • Tanecal – Tanecel is a tannin and caramelised sugar stain remover
  • Ammonia – Ammonia is a wet side alkaline spotter
  • Spots Go – Spots Go is a concentrated general purpose spotter
  • Condrou General spotter – Ideal for pre-spotting of laundry, carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Fast pro – Dry spotter for super stains and touch ups
  • Kleen neutral – neutral detergent for whites, silks, suede, leathers, wet-side spotter
  • Strippex – removal of fugitive dye
  • Emulsol – is an emulsifier for the addition of water in dry cleaning solvent

Jolly Smak

  • Universal pre-spotter to be used for pre-brushing or spraying.
    • High efficiency on water-based stains
    • Specific formula for heavily soiled garments
    • Suitable for every kind of textile
    • Does not create foam into the distillation unit
    • Excellent water binding properties
  • Method of use: Jolly Smak should be mixed with water only before use. To be applied to the soiled area of the garments just before washing by either brushing or spraying.
  • Dosage:
Mix 1 part Jolly Smak with the following parts water:
Application Resistant textiles Delicate textiles
Brush 3 5
Spray 6 6
  • Ionicity: Anionic
  • Storage: at least 24 months if sealed in the original packaging

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