Metal Hotel Consumables

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Steel & Metal Consumables

We supply steel consumables to hotels and hospitality spaces. We hope to help create a more efficient environment. With
still trolleys on wheels, hanger stands and clothing rails you will have everything you require.

When you start to collect bedding and clothing to wash, having such products allows you to carry more at one time. This
improves the rate at which your employees can collect the items and get them to the laundry room.

On top of this, they can hang it up when it is ready. They can then move it along to the specific rooms while doing so
in a way which ensures a high service level.

The steel consumables are perfect for small to large hospitality businesses. It promotes the essence of organisation
and control. It allows your employees to get up and down elevators quickly.

With years of experience in the industry, we know what helps and what hurts. This is why we supply the highest quality
products to all of our clients.

They are appealing to the eye, highly functional and durable. As such, they will provide you with laundry transport
organisation for years to come.

You will find exactly what you need right here. On top of this, you can browse through our website for more information
on the products which we manufacture and supply.

We take great pride in the ability to design and develop products which enhance the experience of the hotel space. We
look to provide your employees with discreet products which only benefit their ability to work.

Moreover, being a leader in hospitality products and consumables comes with the requirement to have expert knowledge.
Our knowledge in the industry has allowed us to supply only the best quality products.

Our range of steel consumables is perfect for storage and transportation of laundry and clothing. They will ensure that
you can get everything to and from the laundry room.

Feel free to contact us today for more information on our products and supply. We cannot wait to start this partnership
together. Allow us to improve the quality of your dry cleaning services.