Why hotel sheets are special

What is nothing better than sliding between the crisp white sheets in a lovely hotel? Hotels go through significant numbers of sheets and towels daily and how these are laundered makes all the difference.


Keeping sheets white

Ever wondered how do hotels keep their sheets so white? There are a great deal of stains that need to be washed out and the answer, surprisingly, isn’t bleach. In addition to standard stain remover, a combination of laundry detergent and baking soda is stirred into a big pot and the sheets are then boiled for half an hour.

Washing the linen happens in three stages: a detergent wash, a wash with fabric softener and the final wash includes bleach, bringing out that bright white colour.

Sheets are washed in cold water because hot water will break the material down faster. It’s also important to not over- or underfill the washing machine. Too much linen means not enough mechanical action gets to all the creases to clean thoroughly, and not filling enough results in too much mechanical action, breaking the linen down faster. The rule of thumb is to fill the washing machine to about 80% of its capacity.

Often the machines used in hotels are state of the art with all the latest technology. They are also energy efficient and complete the wash cycle faster.


Why white

White sheets are the easiest to stain, and that’s part of the appeal. When you look at your bed in a hotel, you will immediately spot if it’s dirty. If the linen was a darker colour or even patterned, you wouldn’t see any mess as easily.

They are practical too because there’s no risk of colours fading or bleeding.

White linen also adds a feeling of luxury to the room. You feel instantly calm and pampered when you walk into a hotel room with an impeccably made bed in white linen.


Fluffy towels

Another treat during your hotel visit is wrapping up in a soft, fluffy towel after your shower. Of course, there are secrets to keeping the towels in top form despite all the washing.

The most important thing to step is to skip the fabric softener because it would leave a thin waxy layer on the material. Instead, a splash of vinegar is added during the rinse cycle to take care of any lingering soap.

Once towels are pulled out of the washing machine they’re given a good shake to fluff up the loops. If you’d like to achieve the super-fluff at home, add a new, clean tennis ball into your tumble dryer with the towels.

How do hotels keep sheets white? It takes more than bleach. But if you’re dedicated to recreating the hotel feel at home, it is possible with the right detergents, machine settings, and little hacks.


Snooze-worthy bedding

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