What You Need to Open a Laundromat or Dry Cleaning Business

Running your own laundromat or dry-cleaning service comes with many advantages and challenges, just like any business. However there are a few specialised requirements in these industries, particularly where the investment into machinery is concerned, and the scale at which this machinery needs to be purchased.

So if you were thinking of opening your own, knowing what types of machinery you will need to invest in will help you prepare more thoroughly, and enable you to run a business that moves from strength to strength. So let’s take a look at the laundry and dry cleaning machines you will need.

Spotting and Finishing Tables

Both spotting and finishing tables will allow your business to provide the best laundry services and will also allow you to work with greater quantities of laundry at once.

Spotting tables are used to treat stains, whether they have been created during the manufacturing process or by accident. Regular washing equipment isn’t always able to remove stubborn stains, making spotting tables essential for any laundromat or dry cleaner.

Finishing tables are used to press laundry items once they have been washed. They offer a thorough, effective and efficient approach to pressing creases that have formed in hems, seams and panels.


Boilers, while having their place in many industries, are essential to both dry-cleaners and to laundromats, especially those that enjoy a large scale of operations. They are used to heat water and provide steam for irons as well as for presses.

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While there are many types of machinery you will need to run a laundromat or drycleaner, the ones listed here are the most essential and should be found in any facility.

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