The Key Concerns of Starting a New Hotel

The hotel industry, despite requiring significant effort and investment to get into, is a largely lucrative one. But setting up your own hotel to take advantage of its potential returns is no simple task. There is a great deal to think about, and missing a beat may lead to unnecessary expenses, delays or the complete failure of a project. Because of this, we are here to help you make sure you leave no stone unturned. So, if you are planning on opening a hotel, motel, guesthouse or resort, here are a few of the concerns you will need to think about first.

Choose the Right Location

Let’s go back for a second, to the year 2010. South Africa was hosting the Soccer World Cup and an influx of tourist were expected. As a result, guesthouses and hotels popped up everywhere in the hopes of making a future for themselves. It was a great opportunity, except that once the world cup was over, scores of these facilities (many of which were situated in residential areas with no real prospect for hospitality) had to close down. They were simply in the wrong location. So location is important. You need to make sure that you set up shop in an area frequented by tourists and holiday makers if you hope to stand a chance of success.

Be Prepared to Spend

The hospitality industry is a billion dollar industry, and while you are not expected to compete with the top players, you will need to be able to invest sever millions of Rand into the development of your facility. You’ll want to start gathering capital as soon as possible. If you cannot front the money yourself, you’ll need to get a loan from a financial institution. And for that, you will need proof of a well thought-out approach to your business; you’ll need a business plan.

Draw up a Business Plan

When starting any business, you will need a business plan first, and the hospitality industry is no exception to the rule. Your business plan needs to be simple but thorough, clear and persuasive. This way it will attract investors, and also outline the ideal approach for you to create a successful facility.

Focus on Improving Service Delivery

The hospitality industry is all about comfort and service, so if you want to build a good reputation and attract plenty of visitors, you will need to go above and beyond in this regard. That means you will need to source experienced, highly trained staff who are helpful, polite and obliging. It may be worth your while to offer training services to your current staff members to continue improving the services you offer.

You Need to Be Well Stocked

You will need to purchase and stock all manner of consumables, bathroom accessories, cleaning equipment, bedding and linen, laundry appliances, bin liners, coat-hangers and wracks and… well you get the point. To make this easier, you should partner up with a manufacturer that you can trust to consistently provide you with what you need, at a quality that you can trust, and at prices that will add value to the accommodation services you offer.

Contact Condrou Manufacturing for Details

For those who are looking to start the adventure of a hotel business, you will want a supplier that you can rely on. Contact Condrou Manufacturers, a hospitality consumables supplier in South Africa for information and pricing. Or visit our website today for further details.