The Characteristics of Hospitality Products

Hospitality, as an industry, places very specific requirements on business owners and product manufacturers to create something (whether it be an experience or product) that offers something in the way of luxury.

Because of this, hospitality products need to be made with an added sense of comfort in mind. And then of course, because the hospitality industry may require high quantities of such products, they also need to be reasonably priced so that they can be purchased in bulk when the need arises.

Let’s take a look at some of the other special requirements placed on products used in the hospitality industry:

A Balance Between Luxury and Affordability

As mentioned above, hospitality products need to offer both a sense of luxury and should also be relatively affordable, since hotels and guest-houses generally have a need for high quantities of goods.

This is particularly the case with perishables and consumables such as toiletries, snacks in the mini-bar and the like.

Short-Term Usage

While many of the items in a hotel room are (hopefully) permanent, such as gowns, hangers, sheets, towels furniture, many others are expected to have a short life-span.

You don’t want guests having to use shampoos and soaps that previous guests used. These types of items, if not depleted by guests, will generally be thrown out afterwards. This means that consumables need to be disposable and affordable.


One of the things that guests come to expect from the hospitality industry, is that everything should take place seamlessly.

The lawn, so to speak, is always mowed, but you never see anybody doing it.

Hospitality products need to operate on a similar principle, in that your guests shouldn’t notice them working in the background, but should be able to expect that they are there.

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