Steam Ironing- Advantages & Disadvantages


Ironing can be a daunting, time consuming and tiring task. Using a steam iron helps to give your garments the crisp and polished look and makes ironing faster than ever. Newer iron models use steam because steam gets the job done faster. Therefore, if you want to put in less effort and time in ironing, investing in a steam iron could be beneficial. However, there are pros and cons to everything including steam ironing. Below we go through the advantages and disadvantages of steam ironing.

Steam Ironing – Advantages

Before investing in a steam iron. Let us go through the, benefits of using this type of iron.

  • Safety first– It is important to always make sure you are handling any electronic device safely. When it comes to steam irons, luckily there is not that much to be cautious about. New steam iron models come equipped with automatic shut-off options. This shut-off option kicks in if the iron is motionless for 10 minutes, it shuts itself off, this aids in reducing any risk of accidents.
  • Ironing Vertically–This is extremely convenient when you need to iron thick and long curtains so you do not have to take them to iron. You can iron them vertically without facing any inconvenience.
  • Produces Steam– For wrinkle free and super crisp clothes, steam is key. A separate boiler is where you get powerful steam from, for the steam generator iron. The powerful steam is necessary for ironing your fabrics, adding more steam ads more pressure to the fabric, giving it that perfect professional level.

Steam Ironing- Disadvantage

As amazing and easy as steam ironing is, it does have its disadvantages too.

  • Fabric specific– Steam ironing does not work the same on all fabrics. It does not work well with heavier fabrics like polyester blend fabric or wool, the steam is not enough to remove creases. Steam ironing works best on light fabrics like cotton and linen.


  • Constantly Refilling Water– Refilling the iron run is very important because it can’t produce steam without the water. If the device has a small reservoir you need to refill it frequently. The solution is to keep a large storage of water near you when you start ironing.

These are just a few pros and cons of steam ironing. Though the advantages out way the disadvantages. The disadvantages can be taken care of with a few quick fixes. Visit Condrou Manufacturing for steam irons and other consumables.