Dry Cleaning Products & Chemicals

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Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Our supply of dry cleaning chemicals ensure fast and efficient cleaning procedures. Moreover, we supply chemicals which
can guarantee that the quality of the clothing is maintained.

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The use of chemicals over water to clean fabrics is an alternative which offers a number of bene-fits. Furthermore,
several different chemical options can be used to clean different kinds of stains.

The application of the product helps to streamline the process especially in the guest accommoda-tion industry.

Dry cleaning chemicals remove greases, oils dirt and juice with the clothes being pre-treated with solvents to dissolve
and remove them. The clothes will be washed in the washing machine using chemical solvents.

If you are seeking an option other than laundry cleaning, dry cleaning chemicals ensure that the fabric doesn’t lose its
shape. Shrinkage is also mitigated. As different types of clothes need different chemicals for dry cleaning we supply a
wide variety of products.

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Dry cleaning chemicals helps to avoid the fading of colour and the reduces the amount of fabric wear and tear. In some
cases, the use of the dry cleaning process has been know to actually in-crease the lifespan of garments.

With years of experience in the industry, we know what helps and what hurts. This is why we sup-ply the highest quality
products to all of our clients.

We take great pride in the ability to design, develop and supply products which enhance the experi-ence of the hotel
space. We look to provide your employees with discreet products which only ben-efit their ability to work.

Moreover, being a leader in hospitality products and consumables comes with the requirement to have expert knowledge.
Our knowledge in the industry has allowed us to supply only the best quali-ty products.