Packaging Supplies Expected by Hotel Guests

Running a successful hotel means paying attention to every little detail and providing a service that takes care of all of the needs of your guests. Everything from the lobby and the poolside to the rooms and restaurants all need to cater for luxury, convenience, hygiene and relaxation, and achieving this requires you to provide specialised hospitality products that form a seamless part of your guests’ experience of your hotel.

Packaging, both for your goods and theirs, plays an important role in this, which makes sourcing the right types of it an important thing for hotel owners and managers to think about.

Here are the different types which should be found in your hotel:

Plastics & Covers

Plastic packaging solutions are typically used to keep bedding and towels protected once they have been laundered, and show your guests that the extra mile has been taken to ensure the best levels of hygiene in your establishment.

They can also be branded for a personal touch, when ordered in the right quantities.

Additionally, plastic packaging can also come as newspaper bags and laundry bags for storing waste or dirty clothes and linen, while barrel bags can be used to protect larger items like pillows.

Branded Boxes

Branded boxes are used for a number of reasons in the hospitality industry and can be corrugated, vlakote, imitation leather or plastic cane. The right boxes can enhance hotel rooms significantly while making your brand visible, and can also be used as shirt stiffeners to keep guests looking presentable during their stay with you.

Clothing Protection

Hospitality products designed to protect clothing also come in a range of types, including suit bags, dress covers, PVC covers and material covers. These are particularly important if your establishment caters for business trips, weddings, conferences and events.

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