Ironing Accessories

Press Pads, Ironing Board Covers, Roller Iron Accessories, Make your own Press Pads, Needlefelt T1000, Polyester Material, Finishing Tables, Ironers Accessories & Consumables

  • Industrial padding for all types of presses available in foam and latex material
  • Ready to use iron press sets
  • Vacuum table covers

Iron Board Covers
Made from either polyester or Nomex (Heat resistant material)

  • Cissel
  • Sidi
  • Brabantia Ironing Boards

All makes made to order.

Tie Ironers

Teflon iron shoes for most makes of irons

  • Iron master
  • Ghidini
  • Silverstar
  • Reverberi

No-Shine Simple Teflon Shoe

No-Shine Armoured Teflon Shoe
No-shine armoured Teflon shoes available for different kinds of irons.

Silicone Iron Rest
Heat insulating plate resistant to high temperatures

Sleeve Formers
Sleeve formers made of wood

Set of Springs for Covers
Set of springs for covers to fix the cover to the table. 3 springs of 10,15 e 20 cm.

Cleaning Stick
Cleaning stick for irons

Metallic Tie Former
Tie former adjustable in width for a perfect tie iron.

Ghidini modu k steam iron only

Ghidini Beta 3 iron with boiler

  • Electric steam boiler of 1.8 lit. capacity (1 kW)
  • Small, thermically insulated, electric steam boiler.
  • Die-cast aluminium boiler.
  • Manually operated water feeding.
  • Drinking water required for its functioning
  • Automatic pressure control by thermostat with fixed setting.
  • Download PDF

Silver Star ES85

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