Iron like a pro

Let’s face it ironing is the most loathed chore in any household. Imagine if you worked in a hotel and had to ensure all the sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers were creaseless!

Fortunately, the people in the hotels’ laundries have the best equipment for the job and know all the tips and tricks to take the tedium out of pressing. Take a leaf from their book.

Steam iron

How much and often you iron are key factors when choosing a steam iron. When shopping around, pay special attention to the iron’s heating performance, its steam capacity, what the soleplate surface is made off, the iron’s weight and the length of the cord.

Pressing cloth

One of the greatest ironing fears is ending up with a pair of shiny pants that were never meant to shine. That’s where a pressing cloth comes in. Used between the iron and your clothes, the pressing cloth bears the brunt so the natural fibres of your clothes don’t get scorched and the synthetics don’t melt. Pressing cloths are often made from 100% white cotton and should be large enough to ensure no part of your iron’s soleplate touches the item that’s being ironed.

Ironing board

While an ironing board isn’t exactly essential, it does make ironing a lot easier. When buying an ironing board its size, specifically height is important. You don’t want to be hunched over or stretched onto tippy-toes. It won’t endear you to the chore. Weight and how/where you will storage should also be considered.

Ironing board cover

It’s not just pretty fabric covering the surface of your ironing board. Getting a special ironing board cover will extend the life of your ironing board. The best option is a Teflon-coated cotton cover lined with heavy felt.

Spray bottle

When ironing natural fibre items a fine mist spray bottle will make for easy work, even with a good steam iron items that are damp gets the job done faster and easier.

Sleeve board

With traditional ironing boards, it seems like your options are wrinkles or ironed-in creases when it comes to sleeves. On dress shirts, that’s not a big deal, but it’s not ideal for dresses, jackets, etc. A sleeve ironing board is a mini version of your standard one but it has a raised pressing area that allows you to slip the sleeve over the pressing surface.

Smooth sailing

Condrou Manufacturing provides a range of steam irons, ironing boards and clothes presses to industries that deal with significant volumes of laundry. If you need more information, chat with our team and discover how we can help.