Hotel Housekeeping Tricks & Tips

When you are coming up with the perfect hotel experience for your guests, it is important to remember to plan a top notch housekeeping routine. A proper housekeeping routine will not only ensure that hotel furniture and fixtures last longer but also ensures that your hotel guests will enjoy a clean room. Creating the perfect experience for visitors and patrons is paramount in the hospitality industry, as one or two bad reviews online can be the kiss of death for a business.

There are a number of ways business owners can prevent bad reviews, but none of them are more important, than having a thorough and efficient cleaning and housekeeping plan in place. Your housekeeping checklist does not have to be overwhelming, our list of housekeeping tricks and tips could be beneficial for all hotels.

  1. Firstly, start the cleaning process by opening room windows before you start the cleaning process. This will help by allowing some natural light and air flow into the room. Not only does it let the room “breathe,” it also provides ventilation and lets you see the details of what needs to be cleaned better.
  2. Next make sure to always sweep or vacuum before mopping. Vacuuming and sweeping makes sure that dust and debris is removed off the floor before getting it wet. This will ensure that things like wet hair, which is often more difficult to clean off floors, are removed before mopping. The best thing to do is to make mopping your last task of the cleaning process.
  3. Make sure to add vacuuming furniture to your cleaning checklist. If you use an attachment to remove dust and dirt you can make the room much cleaner. If you neglect the furniture, these areas can quickly become very dingy and hotel guests will be sure to notice.
  4. Make sure that your housekeepers have a cart that they keep everything for cleaning in. This is might seem like a very basic tip, but you will be amazed by how many hotels do not do this. Having a cleaning cart saves time and it is efficient if everything is kept on a hand as housekeepers move from room to room.
  5. Finally keep toothbrush on hand as they are extremely handy when it comes to getting into nooks and crannies. An example of how a toothbrush can be used is; it can be used for screws on the bottom of a toilet, nothing works better or faster than a toothbrush.

At Condrou Manufacturing we specialize in hospitality consumables and we hope these cleaning tips are helpful. Visit our website for more information on our products.