Hotel Horrors

On holiday, we often take it for granted that dedicated staff work behind the scenes to keep our rooms clean, make our beds and take care of the nitty cleaning and tidying procedures that would distract us from our much needed vacation. The reality is that the human species remain a part of the animal kingdom, some more than others judging by these horrendous room keeping stories! Don’t be ‘this’ guy or girl; respect for yourself and others still costs nothing.

1.      The Artistic Baby

One housekeeper recalls walking into a hotel room only to find that the walls had been unceremoniously ‘decorated’ with an artistic display; the medium was poop and the method was chaotic finger-painting. The parents, instead of wiping it off like responsible adults, had left the child’s ‘artwork’ to dry. Special cleaning services with more intense hospitality consumables had to be hired to take care of the mess appropriately.

As for the housekeeper that found the mess? Legend has it that she quit on the spot – can’t say we blame her!

2.      Leave the Science for the Labs

How true this story is – who can say? With that disclaimer out of the way, we are sure that somewhere, sometime, somehow, this has happened to someone before. There is one housekeeping tale that involves a member of staff finding floating body parts in the bathtub. After extensive investigation, it was found that the body parts were being thawed for medical science purposes. Hmmm…sounds awfully suspicious to us!

For Standard Cleaning, We Have You Covered

We do not provide counselling or consumables that can cleanse your brain of seeing what some hotel guests are capable of, nor can we confirm or deny these stories. For just about any other cleaning procedure pertaining to hotel rooms and hospitality products to get the job done, we can confirm that we are one of the best hospitality consumables suppliers in South Africa. Contact the team at Condrou Manufacturing or visit our website for more information.