Fresh and ready from the get go

When it comes to clothing, everyone strives for the best washing process to ensure that we can carry on with our everyday lives feeling fresh and new every time. One way of doing this is through the use of tip top machinery and cleaning products. At the hospitality consumables suppliers to South Africa, one can find all the products that would be needed to ensure that each item of clothing always comes out the cupboards clean and ready for use.

Products for all uses

To get all the hospitality products all at once, may be a mission at times as we may not know what exactly is needed for particular sets of clothing. However, that is not an issue anymore, anyone can find all the products and machinery needed for any sets of clothing. With online shopping you can find exactly what you need and may discover more. There is a large variety of products that one can choose from that can be used at home or for any hotel needs. Such products include laundry bags, hanger stands and clothing rails. There is also a variety of cleaning products such as bleachers, boosters, detergents, fabric softeners and much more.


When it comes to laundry services, speed is one of the most important factors. As the large amount of clothing and linen that floods in on a daily basis can be immense. Having machinery that can keep up with the load and is what one needs to keep up with the inflow. Luckily, that’s just one phone call away. There is a multitude of machinery that can help staff with loads which includes steam irons, boilers, presses, ironing boards and plenty more.

Find out more

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