Essences & Fabric Fresheners

With the original HygienFresh air and fabric fresheners quality meets emotion. Effective deodorising sprays that enhance your beautiful clothes by eliminating unpleasant odours and leaving an unmistakable perfume on your favourite garments. These long-lasting fragrances are non-stain and are safe to use on all kinds of fabrics. Available in 10 enchanting fragrances, choose your favourite. Fruity and musky nuances, flowery scents and more classical aromas: you are spoilt for choice!

Detergents and spotting agents enriched with various types of enzymes (protease and amylase) that work in synergy to remove the most stubborn dirt and stains. The surfactants complete their spectrum of action, making them effective against all types of stains also at low temperatures. They are professional products with a very wide spectrum of action and moreover the detergents are wonderfully scented.

Protective Sprays
High level of professionalism and specialisation for different applications: scented starch for ironing without any effort; a protective spray for wool and fabrics with cedar scent and camphor; cleaning and polishing foam for shoes and bags; a magical wrinkle remover that guarantees a “perfect look” without ironing; a spotting agent that dissolves grease and oil without washing. Hygienfresh offers solutions to every need!

Professional Essences
Highly concentrated professional essences for both laundry and dry cleaning. They are compatible with all types of detergents and laundry softeners. Like the fabric fresheners and softeners, they have wonderful and incredibly long-lasting fragrances. A touch of class for the laundries that aim for a high-quality service and for greater customer loyalty.

Home Essences
Perfume is never enough! Treat your clothes to our home essences for laundry. Add them to the final rinse to intensify the fragrance of detergents and softeners. Try one or all of them and you will be amazed! Choose between the two different packaging sizes.

HygienFresh Odorblok is the revolutionary multifunction odour eliminator. It is effective and quick, and it neutralises all odours, also the most persistent, thanks to its special formula and diffuses a fresh perfume in the air. It can be used on every fabric, it does not stain and does not require further treatments. You can choose among three versions: travel, home and spray. Its effectiveness has been tested by the University of Turin.

Practical and colourful displays to effectively present HygienFresh products. They are the perfect framework for a line that was created to make people travel through their senses and imagination, by using the language of emotions The colourful, compact and resistant counter display is the perfect way to sell the Fabric & Air Fresheners. Shopkeepers also love the wooden Expo Professional to create their own collection of HygienFresh products. Choose between playing with colours or go for the assortment!

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