Dry Cleaning versus Laundry Washing

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning, as the name suggests, is simply cleaning the fabrics without using a water. However, dry cleaning is not 100% liquid-free. Dry cleaning services use perchloroethylene, also called perc, a liquid chemical that removes dirt and stains on clothing. Dry cleaning, I perfect for materials and clothing that are thick or too heavy to load into washing machines. Dry cleaning is therefore perfect for carpets, rugs, curtains and suits. Dry cleaning has it downsides (such as cost and convenience), but it also has many advantages. Some advantages are:

  • Dry cleaning protects delicate items
  • Dry cleaning removes grease and oil stains effectively.
  • Dry cleaning limits shrinkage
  • Dry cleaning does crumple fabric
  • Dry cleaning will almost certainly increase the life span of the garments
  • Dry cleaning ensures that discolouration is reduced


What is Laundry Washing?

Laundry washing involves using water, detergents, and fabric softeners to clean and soften fabric. Traditionally laundry was done by hand (and is sometimes still done in this way) but is these days usually done by using a washing machine. Though laundry washing has its drawbacks (uch a damage to fabric over time, se limitations and the length it takes to dry), there are many advantages to laundry washing. These include:


In bulk and in the long run, laundry is more cost effective than dry cleaning

Laundry washing ensures that the whatever is being washed is cleaned at a very deep level

Laundry washed garments, clothes and fabrics have a new and fresh odour and particular scents can be chosen according to personal preference

It is skin-friendly and it does not harm the environment

Laundry washing can be done in the convenience of one’s own home, at whatever time is convenient


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