Discussing dry cleaning, laundry and hospitality consumables.

Dry cleaning, laundry and hospitality consumables. All of which make or break a hotel. These simple factors are what keeps people coming back. We discuss the advantages of dry cleaning, why hotel consumables are necessary and the importance of hotel hygiene.

What are the advantages of dry cleaning?

Professional companies for dry cleaning pay close attention to detail, especially in the hospitality business. Dry cleaning is just super convenient, in our everyday busy lives it’s easy to get caught up on the small household things. Dry cleaners handle large items and in bulk. Leave stain and odor removals to the professionals. Dry cleaning is very beneficial in the hotel industry due to the quantity they deal with daily.

Why are hotel consumables necessary?

A simple hotel consumable can make a regular stay into a fabulous stay. It encourages people to book again and come back. It’s convenient to have toiletries in case you have forgotten your shampoo or soap and adds the extra zing when you pay for what you get. Laundry and dry cleaning are very convenient when you are travelling as you can’t pack your iron and ironing board in your suitcase.

What is the importance of hotel hygiene?

Health and safety are at the very top of the list when it comes to hotel hospitality. Hygiene is a huge factor as people daily check in and out. Linen is to be changed frequently, towels changed, the room is to be vacuumed and bathrooms cleaned thoroughly all for the reputation and well-being of the hotel. Hotel hygiene is extremely important when dealing with hundreds of people monthly.

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