Amazing hotel aromas

The moment you step into a hotel your shoulders drop, your jaw relaxes and you can feel your frown evaporated. And that’s just from the fragrance that envelopes you. It’s one you associate with pampering, luxury and good times at your favourite hotels. How do they manage to always smell so good?

Scent diffusers

Scent diffusers, often very quiet ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) diffusers attached to air-conditioning systems, disperse nanoparticles of scented oils into the air. It’s subtle but hard to ignore.

Scent branding

Top luxury hotels use the power of scent to brand themselves. Visitors won’t specifically be able to identify the fragrance independently, but they will be able to associate it with the hotel. Hotels often commission customised scents unique to themselves. However, should a person get a whiff of their favourite hotel’s scent anywhere else, their mood will immediately lift at the memory of their great experiences at their hotel. They might even be enticed to make a booking right away!

You can recreate a similar experience for your business. Whether you manage a spa, a craft shop or a stationery store creating a signature scent will give your customers a little happy distraction. If you can add a scented pouch or something similar with the same fragrance into their shopping bag you give them a bit of your business to take home with them and extend that joyous feeling.

Make it linger

Many hotels are starting to offer their signature scents for sale to their visitors. Being able to soak in a bath with a hotel-scented candle will probably relax someone more than the bath on its own would. And it might even inspire them to make a booking for a proper pampering at your hotel.

Signature scents

There are a few key fragrances that form the foundation of any scent a given hotel might design its signature brand around.


This is a light, energizing scent that still smells luxurious. It’s not too sweet and guaranteed to uplift stressed moods.


Lily, jasmine, lavender, rose, geranium and more. Florals are popular fragrances to imbue the air with opulence.


Add depth and nuance to your hotel’s fragrance profiles with spices. These aromas may more smoky, sweet, or herbal.


For a more formal, heavier or muskier scent, woody fragrances add gravitas. It’s perfect for cooler climates when the warm, comforting fragrance can envelop your visitor in delight.

The smell of success

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